Fighting Male Pattern Balding

Dealing with Male Pattern Balding

One of the toughest battles that men and women are fighting that is non life threatening is hair loss. Male and female pattern balding which is also known and androgenic alopecia is something that a lot of people start to deal with as they get older. Some people unfortunately start to experience it at a much younger age which is even more difficult because those tend to be the years that a man or women is in their prime. It’s “almost” expected as you get older to start experience some thinning of the hair and most people who actually start to lose it after 50 although still affected, don’t tend to get as down about it as someone in their 20’s or 30’s.

The scary thing about losing your hair is that you can almost be certain that it’s going to happen to you if you have a family history of people with hair loss. It tends to come from the mothers side of the family ( in most cases). If you have family members who are experiencing this type of thing that the chances you are going to experience it is pretty high. Most people will say things like stress is causing their hair to fall out. While there is SOME truth to that typically stress creates a different type of hair loss known as alopecia areata which is caused by stress but often grows back after some time and ins’t really permanent.

Androgenic lopecia is not caused by stress

Alopecia areata also has a different affect on how the hair falls out. It’s more like blotches or random bald spots or circles that appear on your head. Whereas male pattern balding normally starts from the hair line and receded down or from the back of the crown and tends to fall out all together. You can take hair loss treatments for both but just know curing alopecia areata is something that in time will most likely start to reverse and heal on it’s own. Androgenic alopecia will need to be treated more with hair loss medications that can help the hair at a follicle level from the top of the scalp as well as from within. These treatments can have it’s side effects but other than full on hair restoration surgery there isn’t much else one can do about regrowing their hair. Just be sure to consult with your doctor before taking any medications so that you don’t have any other side effects that may cause other issues.